Let is snow.. let it snow.. let it snow

yay!.. I finally meet the snow this weekend.

Why is it that everyone is designing a lá Wang?

If you ever find the answer, let me know mkay?


Notebook doodles

I'm absolutely in love with this blog. I enjoy all the pinkness of it!.
There's been so long since the last time I ever doodled just for fun and this girl is inspiring me, I think I'm gonna start posting random doodles here or maybe fashion related, dunno, But I'm gonna improve my creative flow.

You are my sweetest downfall

I love headdresses





I spent a wonderful evening with my family last night.
My dad cooked a delicious pork, fried potatoes, apple and marshmallow salad, and green salad.
We sang at the Karaoke and danced twist all night. We had a lot of fun together.

What about your night people?? I wanna know.


Merry christmas eve!

Merry Christmas eve to everyone
Have fun
Eat a lot
enjoy with the family
and get really fucking drunk!



shalala... I'm making free publicity...

I found this pic at Bleubird Vintage and noticed that the jacket is very similar to the one I own. I love it.

I've been following Bleubird V. through myspace for a while but now they have a auction and non-auction shop, a blog, stylist and a better photographer. I like all the improvements they did. Hopefully, I will buy something from them one day.


Do you remember about this post not so long ago?

I was interested in those Hot topic boots and while I was looking for Christmas deals a week ago I came across them again. They were in clearance for 13.98 and I thought Shit!.. I gotta own them and then I read the little blue text on the right:

So be careful with the things you want and buy people.


Loving: Little J

Gossip girl happens to be my favorite show lately.. I love little J and Taylor Momsen's pretty outfits