Hello there people, I'm sorry for being away this week. I've been so busy with school that I don't have time for anything, nor for me, for my friends, for sleep for anything!! you should look at my room, it's a mess. but I only have 2 weeks more to go and I'm done!

But anyways, I'm gonna try to post a little more often this week and replay to your comments, and a very big thank you for all of you who have been commenting!

I'm leaving you a peek of the reason I've been busy.

Ink on bristol paper

watercolor on bristol paper

the pieces were made on bristol paper over wood rectangles of 8.7 x 12cm for an exhibition of art in small format in my school (I'll post pics later).
the first series is named Geishas and the other one is named Mujeres, portraing some of the most important female historic figures such as Cleopatra, Eleonor of Aquitaine, Lucrecia Borgia, Queen Elizabeth and Marie Antoinette.


Art and ghosts

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"I wanted to reinvent the mystique," said Karl Lagerfeld...

...And he totally did. Lately I've been enjoying the Chanel resort collections more than the main collection. It seems like the idea of using different cities as an inspiration it's working perfectly. I really admire how designers can involve their designs with a certain atmosphere and create a new dressing reality.

Venice was the scenery and inspiration for this resort collection that was so full of historic references and magnificent as the city itself.

The dresses reflected all the historic highlight of the city such as the Dodge red, the renascence opulence and the baroque lace and I completely felt in love with the oriental/Edwardian dresses and the "Death in Venice" living picture and influences. The final touch was given by the 1920's glamorous make up and hair-do's.

The capes and tricorns fitted perfectly, the catwalk reminded of the famous Venice's carnivals and the sunglasses, transformed into masks gets you ready for a masquerade by the canal.


I found this user on Deviantart that designs very cool clothes. ~wearydrearies makes dresses that seem to be perfect outfits for wood fairies or gothic lolitas. I love the colors and textures of the fabrics and the shredded look



Am I a fool?

you are where you are today because you’ve chosen to be there.” -Harry Browne

love is an attempt at penetrating another being, but it can only succeed if the surrender is mutual.” -Octavio Paz

But really, all we want, and I speak for the entire human race here, is contact. Someone to let us know that we aren’t alone. That the world isn’t a dream and you and I really are happening at the same time, even if it’s not in the same place. That this is real. You’re really there. I’m really here. We’re real. This is real.
— I Wrote This For You

Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak…sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.” -unknown

Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you’re really strangers.
— Mary Tyler Moore

Today is the day I will forget about you
— But I’m still waiting for a miracle

The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn.
— David Russell