More breads

Remember the not so long ago post about breads?
I've always adored the Free people apparel pics because the girls on them always have beautiful and messy breaded hairdos.

And guess what, as I'm suscribed to the FP catalog & bullets, today I received a mail with some tips about breads!

check the FP Blog and this how to video.

& well, it's not only the breaded hairdos that I like from FP. I also love the headbands hairdos... I mean hoe do they manage to look so nice with them??.. I suck at hippies head accesories.

New purse

5dlls at local bazaar.
I've been trying to buy it for so long, but I was not sure. I have nothing to wear it with.
the only drawback was that the painting it's peeling off, but anyways, I'll figure out something for it.


Muse finder: Jonne Aaron

Is it wrong???
Has my finnish obsession gotten too far??
Is it normal for a girl that lately most of her fashion inspiration is taken from boys? First the always-amazing Eli, and now Jonne Aaron, the front man of Negative, a finnish Glam rock band.

I like his so grunge, rockstar and girlie accessories plus a lot of fake fur style, I mean, who other boy in the world wears pink torn jeans??

Well.. I like him as long as he doesn't look like "glam singer goes to gay parade".

and I LOVE his dread hair!

I dunno why but lately I've been going for a heavier look, with punk and rock elements, lots of blacks, kind of sophisticated rocker or sorta, I think it has to do with Burberry and Alexander Wang.
I promise you the next muse will be a girl :P.

suddenly I felt in love...

ooh yees!!.. I'm in love. In love with my new ankle boots! They're so beautiful!!
I mean, they scream "I'm a fake Madden" out loud where ever you see them, but trust me, they're a damn good copy!

Today's was the opening of Burlington here in my city, and of course, I went to check it out. They have some good stuff and really good prices. But OMG! the shoes! they cost mostly 20 bucks and they're so beautiful!. I also went shopping to Marshall & Ross, didn't have much money cause I bought a new camera, but still I bought a few things.
I got the pumps at Ross for 14.99 and the ankle boots at Burlington for 19.99


and the ae shoes ripped off....

Ae shoes - payless... I'm done with them
cuttoff pants
forever 21 jacket...*bought on sale of course*

Sargent Betty

I think Betty looks completely adorable with her new Topshop jacket.


what do you think about the braid hairdo, you know, the one that just wrap braids over the head?.
I was not sure of it for too long, but yesterday I decided to give it a try.

I liked it, It works, but I'm too lazy to do elaborate hairdo's, even though braids are like the easiest one ever, I'm really not good with them!.

My family said I looked more like Frida Khalo D:

Golden girl

I wanna be golden too.

Links à la mode: IFB Roundup

Links à la Mode : August 28th


Wearing... & news!

I have some news!

I made an other blog!
this one will be more personal and Graphic design related
(only in spanish)

It's official!! I'm starting at fashion school next saturday!!!

my mom's new shirt :P

and please, can somebody tell the summer that it is no longer wanted?
I'm melting my ass off at school, I demand the right to wear cardigans and suede boots!

The Finnish are taking over!

that's because they're great!
I have Ranna added to my blog roll and I think she's just a cutie pie, she looks so sweet and dress so beautiful that it was hard to ignore her the first time I came across with her blog.
Thought, I haven't really got the time to see her outfits a little bit closer until now when Gilda (an other finnish-obsessed friend of mine) showed me Ranna's Flickr page.
just take a look!


Tenue du jour

New theme

Pink and blue are my new favorite colors. yay to pastels!
I wanted to change the blog´s theme but I just didn't have an idea for it and then I just felt in love with this pic from Photo decadent.

isn't it the most beautiful thing ever??

& I joined IFB community! I'm very happy for it

and that's all basically, I hope you people are enjoying this blog as much as I do.

and by the way... I love feedback too :P


I want them!!

By God I demand to you reader to buy one of these clothes for me!

I'm thinking that this fall/winter I'll just use long and comfortable 80's swaters most of the time, I think their look so easily chic.

From the fall collection at theURBANcollection.com

Shoulders lipo...

I've read this in lots of fashion blogs, followed by a Keira Knightly picture of course.

It's all about a new surgery that makes your shoulders and collar bones look skinnier by suctioning the fat out of them. The number of people demanding the procedure is raising.

I don't get what the fuzz is all about. Some people wonder how can anyone would like to look so horrible and skinny, but the thing is I think skinny shoulders look beautiful and delicate.

I remember the first time I actually noticed people have collar bones. When I was little and fatter mines were not noticeable so I discover that through tv cartoons. Since then I draw very skinny, popped collar bones girls. Call it a fixation! but I do like them.

And well, I don't think it is stupid to paid for a surgery like this , I think it's stupid to paid for any kind of cosmetic surgery at all!
So I just don't get why people are freaking out for this. they should freak for every cosmetic procedure people get.

oh, and by the way, give Keira a break! you can get pics of skinnier models anywhere.

image credit

Channeling: Clarissa Darling

Na, na na, na....!
or you can call it the early 90's strike back. just felt like doing something crazy today!
opinions where divided, some liked it, some didn't, but I think I wont wear it again.

Fashion challenge: the cut-offs week

I'm giving a challenge to myself. To wear all week outfits built up from my cut-offs.
It's so damn hot out there and I need something comfortable for school. so I let you know later.


My heart just got studded....

And it really aches causeI have no money for shopping.
I'm just in love with studded accessories, reminds me of my pseudo-punk phase when I was like 10. I really don't mind if they so last season, I just adore them and I'll just wear them.
They gorgeous, give a dramatic feeling but at the same time they look glamorous and bold.

But most of all I love studded shoes! <3


Fakes and cheaps....

As I have said before, I'm absolutely in love with the studded Burberry platforms. But, let's face it, I will never afford them and my Dad ain't that splendid. So, I've been living with this kind of hope to find some shoes than can make a nice & cheap imitation. And guess what, I found them!
I found the cheap imitation, the question is... are they nice enough???.
My family said it was a big NO. But they're so cheap I can't resist to buy them.. what do you think???

and talking about Hot Topic shoes, what do you think about these boots?

today was fucking bored...

Shopping list for fall