Seems like the end of days...

Hi everyone, I know I've taken a long irresponsable hiatus... but.. I've been thinking that this might be the last post in a looong time.

This is like goodbye. I might be using this blog again but not in the way I've been using it. It will be part of my portfolio but in the meantime it's officialy off.

I'm gonna be so busy this semester and maybe next to. I'm involved in some really amazing proyects and I need to focus on them.

I'm gonna keep posting on my TUMBLR cause it's easier to manage.


so, have fun, enjoy life and be happy people.
thanks for following me this year!.



Little people

Little people is a tiny art project. Slinkachu, the artist, lefts little handpainted dolls around london in commond places.


Spotted: Anna sui for target, GG inspiration.

OMG did you hear?
Anna Sui has designed a collection for Target inspired in Gossip Girl. how great is that?!

the line will be available in selected stores and online from September 13 through October 17 and it resembles the looks of the 4 main female characters.


Royal Academy of Fine Arts Fashion show 2009. Antwerp, Belgium

IRINA SHAPOSHNIKOVA 'Crystallographica'


UGCE ÖZOCAK 'Misstanbul'

KARISIA PAPONI 'It's four o'clock'

EMILIE PIRLOT 'Mysterious Wonderland'

Do you see yourself in a crowded room?

I'm chained at the momment... I want lots and lots of chains.. chained jeans, chained chains!! chains all over. so check this out. these girls from SF. makes the best chained jewerly.

love this detail by Eli

new blog: Elenita.no
great style and lovely pics.

new blog: VOUTIER
fashion collages

me wants!
Cosmo shoes, via: Alix


The cherryblossom girl

I love french bloggers and I think there's no fashion blogroll out there that doesn't include Alix's blog. I love her and all her cutness.
unfurtunatelly when I wanted to check her blog a couple of days ago the site showed and 403 error... is she changing the server or something?

well, anyway.. I've been collecting some of her images because she's not only a designer but also a wonderful photographer.