I'm absolutely loving the new workds by Kawasaki

Jak & Jil

Jak & Jil


Abelardo Morell: Camera oscura


I wear the biggest smile

I'm happy.. and I think I see things clearly but maybe in the distant a certain mist is hidden. but right now.. I'm happy cause I'm not as lost as I was. I'm not lost in you as I was.. but it feels good to have you once in a while. ... and yesterday was great.


MAC: Hello kitty

this it pretty, sexy and weird all at the same time.


h.NAOTO fall08 collection

wait.. did you just say Payless??

Christian Siriano's fall collection. Will be available in fall in .... Payless(selected stores and oline!) prices between 25-45 dlls. nice!

I strongly recomend...

this blog is dedicated to gothic "houte couture" fashion.. the selection of clothes and photographies is perfect. Dark and beutiful without being grotesque.