Art School Babe!

"We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school. - Bruce Springsteen"

Well.. I'm really not going to art school. There are not good art programs nearby and I was really not attracted to the education at the University of the state and the degree of Graphic Design that my school offers was the nearest thing I could find. I really like the subjects I'd be studying : Theory of color, Drawing class I, Introduction to design class, advertising redaction (is that correct?) & history of graphic arts!

I'm so excited, I've been waiting for this all my life.. so here I go.

I convinced my crazy friend Clara to start a fashion blog too!, she's great and has this scene meets hippie style, you'll love her. She's really quite a writer and she's studying design too. Go and check her at PixieLust blog. (I made her layout by the way :P)



Acid whaaat?

Can somebody please explain to me what's the appealing part of the acid wash jeans.. I just see them everywhere and I find them so ugly!

Looks like the end of days...

I'm really liking "The like", I've read from them in lots of blogs and decided to try them but unfortunately I can't find enough music from them. I'll keep on looking.

This is what I wore today, not exactly the same shoes, but you get the idea.

Navy dress - Forever 21
Lancome lipstick - a grandma's gift
Sport leggings
Black platforms
Chained purse - Vintage, my mom

Today I visited Elisa, a dear friend and we went to the thrift store near her place and look what I found! this amazing $10 pesos shades! ($1 dollar to be exact) and I found this chained 80's purse in my mom's closet, I love how I'm rediscovering our closets!

I can't wait for school D:


Dramatically changed

Latelly I've been changing a lot of style. I used to be so inspired by Rihanon's (from Liebemarlene) vintage pretty dresses and by Fashionfiller's Renée with her waisted belts and beautiful scarfs but right now I'm feeling kind of boy-ish and very 80's , I mean I'm even using shorts.. I haven't use them since I was like in 4th grade or something. I'm totally digging Alexander Wang's new collection and I feel the need to get back to the vintage tees I haven't worn for years.
yesterday I cuttoff a pair of old jeans, and I think I'll ask my dad for plain white shirt(he did let me have it :P) and my life gets so boring every passing minute. I NEED to get back to school.

I love this outfit by Flourette, and I love how the red shoes just stand out.


I just feel so envious every time I see this pic from Crevette-lilo's blog. I wish I lived in a bigger city with nicer weather and cool places to hang out with friends after school on a boring soire, I mean even if it was at the border of a river.

And.. that's what I wore today


What I wore today...

This was initially what I wanted to wear today, vintage thin belt, pretty little purse, gladiator-like sandals & and exactly that Grey dress, but then I faced the truth and noticed how bad it looked on me! I never believed when my family told me that the dress didn't fit me at all until now.. I saw a photograph and was like OMG! I gotta take it off, and well I'm really not a skinny girl, I've never been, but I looked as if my weight was 200 pounds!

So I changed and ended up with this:

everything is my mom's :P and I'm wearing the Lancome lipstick again

The dig

so.. my jc penny jeans I loved finally ripped off , I mean, I had like 2 years wearing them. They were so perfect, high waisted, no-stretch and skinny fit so I've been looking online for a pair like those and I think Cheap monday's are great! 72 buck or so including shipping and stuff at Urban outfitters... I have to save some money.... I remember that 0 or 2 years ago everywhere were selling skinnies.. why is it that now I can't find them!

but anyway... I don't know what got me but I'm so in love with this rockabilly & pinup style and full red lips, and wow.. I just found this rich rouge from Lancome which I adore.
and about the guess shoes.. my mom bought them.. I got new shoes :P

Couldn't help it

So.. I decided to start this blog next Friday, the day I'm starting my University classes, but oh boy!, I'm always like this, I just couldn't help it.

let me give you a pettit introduction of the matter and the whole concept of this blog:
As I'm starting this year with my classes at the local fashion school I wanted to have a place to write about it, about fashion, clothes, style and that unnatural gift I have for sales and offers.

We're talking about cheap but chic fashion, with a huge bohemian and vintage feeling, but also about nice designer's collections, nice new shops and styles, vintage accessories, and designer shoes!
So.. guess that's all. The blog will be written in English, Spanish and maybe some French, it all depends on my mood, though English will be the main language. And PLEASE! feel free to comment and suggest!

And well, anyway, any day is a good day to start a blog, isn't it?

Hola hola... pues me estoy desviando del plan que era originalmente empezar este blog el próximo viernes, el dia que empiezo mis clases de la Uni.. pero asi soy yo!

El blog tiene como proposito hablar sobre ropa buena, bonita y barata... y de ese inexplicable y sobrenatural don que tengo par las ofertas :P
asi que el blog tendra un estilo .. pues barato, vintage, hippie y bohemio..
sientanse libres de comentar y sugerir

xoxo elvy