White.. white .. white...

I'm not into blond hair, I prefer dark hair better, but still I think girls with white hair are in an upper category.. I love how they look.

Trick or treat....

so.. it's friday.. it's halloween and I'm stuck at home, I know.. you wanna cry too.

Design school halloween party pics

I need it.. I want it!

I NEED (as in if I don't get it I'll die) a leather jacket. At least a fake one, I don't mind! but I need it so much to put some outfits together. And I also need a skinny blazer, I have an Isaac Mizrahi one but it's big and square shaped, it doesn't work at all.

recent buys....

60dlls on shopping, 2 shoes, 2 belts, 2 dresses and a pair of leggings... not bad at all!

I eat babies for breakfast....

Like.. for real... I hate babies.
My friends who are studing phsycology needed to take care of a robot baby as an assigment last weekend. It was one of my friends birthday... just imagine, there were babies criying all around.

vintage black blouse with shoulder pads - my mom's in the 90's
gray, white and black skirt - $15, Rose
Mudd combat boots - $20,Rose
studded belt- $5, Marshall

Feeling kind of inspired by Alexa

At halloween, witches go out.....