Prada made my day

Lately I've been talking a lot about shoes... guess I'll need to change the blog's name to Manolo's shoes blog or something...

But anyways.. Prada put a smile on my face this fashion week when not only one, but 3 at least of their models stumbled and felt on they runway show.. that didn't look much like a runway and didn't presented much of a show.

I didn't like the proposal at all, the yellowish-golden pieces looked horrible and didn't harmonized with the rest of the collection. Most of the tops and skirts looked as if they were old fabric wrapped around the models. The only good part of ist was deffinetly the red & grayscale snake skin-like dresses.

Ok.. but retourning to the shoe thing... I just laugh my butt off with the video.. check it out.


The Burberry hunting.....

So, yep... I'm still in the hunt for the perfect Burberry knockoffs.. and I think I found them via Knight cat.

They look like the most perfect and most cheap fakes Burberrys I've ever found! I just don't like the white stripe at the bottom of the platform... but a sharpie can always fix that :P

And this site is great! they sell a lot of fakes and cheap shoes, including the Balenciaga lace up boots, wich I've recently felt in love with.

We will all float on....

Shoes are becoming a little crazy these times, and just when you thought anything couldn't go crazier they just come out with no-heel shoes, just imagine! and I love them a lot.

This is what a designer job is all about, to take something (call it a cloth, shoe, accessory... furniture?...) that we are very use to it and that is shown to us in a very standardized way and then turn it into a magnificent yet functional piece of art. That is what this shoes represent, the redefinition and redesign of one of the elementary peaces of our everyday outfits.

Of course we first have to give credit to United nude for the so-weird semi-hidden heel

Then Marc Jacobs came with the crazy idea of normal heels in the wrong position, just as if a kid had solved a shoe-puzzle in kinder garden fashion classes.

Gareth Pugh made us stare in shock with his Wizard of Oz (meets Boy George for makeup...) collection that reminds me a LOT to my Spinning shoes, I wonder if they are gym wearable....

But Berardi just got rid off the heel at all and propose these shoes at his 08S collection.

Recently Posh spice got spotted wearing the PVC Berardi boots at her fragrance launch at Macy's

And If we're gonna talk about the most weird shoes ever, what do you think about this!:

Reminds me of those Chinese torture shoes.

Boysh is the new black....

Meet the senior editor of Us Elle, Kate Lanphear.

all hail Wang and Bailey!


Links à la Mode : September 25th

This is a non-smoking blog....

Mmm.. so this new law had been approved in my country: "every public space must become a non-smoking space". It's freaking me out!

As you may have noticed, I do smoke and even though I do agree with this law, I still find it ridiculous. I mean, I agree that it's unfair for non-smokers tolet people to smoke in public spaces such as restaurant, schools, government's bureaus, offices.. etc.. but not to smoke in clubs?? Like OMFG?!
why do people go there in the first place then? just to have fun, get drunk and take a fag!
I was in a pub the other day with my friends and I couldn't stand not smoking... actually I was reading an article in a local mag, that showed how all this big thing about tabacco hasn't really much to do with cancer than with the fact that the tabacco industry is not so economic remunerant anymore.

But anyways... I was collecting this pics after all this for the blog, cause I just think smoking pics are chic.

muse finder: Alexa Chung

It's been a lot... will catch up in a few days.

I've been lately inspired by Alexa Chung.

When looking for pics of her this thought came across my head: " I can't believe how can she look so effortless chic and dress so simple" and then I found this: