Couldn't help it

So.. I decided to start this blog next Friday, the day I'm starting my University classes, but oh boy!, I'm always like this, I just couldn't help it.

let me give you a pettit introduction of the matter and the whole concept of this blog:
As I'm starting this year with my classes at the local fashion school I wanted to have a place to write about it, about fashion, clothes, style and that unnatural gift I have for sales and offers.

We're talking about cheap but chic fashion, with a huge bohemian and vintage feeling, but also about nice designer's collections, nice new shops and styles, vintage accessories, and designer shoes!
So.. guess that's all. The blog will be written in English, Spanish and maybe some French, it all depends on my mood, though English will be the main language. And PLEASE! feel free to comment and suggest!

And well, anyway, any day is a good day to start a blog, isn't it?

Hola hola... pues me estoy desviando del plan que era originalmente empezar este blog el próximo viernes, el dia que empiezo mis clases de la Uni.. pero asi soy yo!

El blog tiene como proposito hablar sobre ropa buena, bonita y barata... y de ese inexplicable y sobrenatural don que tengo par las ofertas :P
asi que el blog tendra un estilo .. pues barato, vintage, hippie y bohemio..
sientanse libres de comentar y sugerir

xoxo elvy

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