Dramatically changed

Latelly I've been changing a lot of style. I used to be so inspired by Rihanon's (from Liebemarlene) vintage pretty dresses and by Fashionfiller's Renée with her waisted belts and beautiful scarfs but right now I'm feeling kind of boy-ish and very 80's , I mean I'm even using shorts.. I haven't use them since I was like in 4th grade or something. I'm totally digging Alexander Wang's new collection and I feel the need to get back to the vintage tees I haven't worn for years.
yesterday I cuttoff a pair of old jeans, and I think I'll ask my dad for plain white shirt(he did let me have it :P) and my life gets so boring every passing minute. I NEED to get back to school.

I love this outfit by Flourette, and I love how the red shoes just stand out.


I just feel so envious every time I see this pic from Crevette-lilo's blog. I wish I lived in a bigger city with nicer weather and cool places to hang out with friends after school on a boring soire, I mean even if it was at the border of a river.

And.. that's what I wore today

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