Shoulders lipo...

I've read this in lots of fashion blogs, followed by a Keira Knightly picture of course.

It's all about a new surgery that makes your shoulders and collar bones look skinnier by suctioning the fat out of them. The number of people demanding the procedure is raising.

I don't get what the fuzz is all about. Some people wonder how can anyone would like to look so horrible and skinny, but the thing is I think skinny shoulders look beautiful and delicate.

I remember the first time I actually noticed people have collar bones. When I was little and fatter mines were not noticeable so I discover that through tv cartoons. Since then I draw very skinny, popped collar bones girls. Call it a fixation! but I do like them.

And well, I don't think it is stupid to paid for a surgery like this , I think it's stupid to paid for any kind of cosmetic surgery at all!
So I just don't get why people are freaking out for this. they should freak for every cosmetic procedure people get.

oh, and by the way, give Keira a break! you can get pics of skinnier models anywhere.

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