Finland! (hel-looks favorites prt. 1)

I'm in love with Finland, I have always been. They have like the best education, lifestyle and design sense I've ever seen nowhere else. Most of my favorite bands are finnish. I used to have a finnish friend, and I asked about her country all the time. I'm just fascinated by it!

I've browsing on Hel-looks.com and Does finnish people have the best style or what? they dress in the most crazy yet neet ways!

and here you have some examples:

she reminds of that Ginger friend

I love her white hair!

he's Robert Smith's son :P

I wouldn't want to see my granny dress like that D:

I know, ordinary scene kids, but this dude gotta be the finnish twin brother of my sister's bf

I'm in love with her!

So Kiitos you all for the inspiration!

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