Tenue du jour

Je sens très Française en ce moment, j'avais lu le blog de Betty, il est beau, elle est belle et ses tenues sont intéressants, il me fait améliorent mon mauvais français!

(I'm feeling so french right now, I've been reading Betty's blog, it's nice, she's beautiful and her outfits are great, it makes me improve my oh so bad french. She writes in english too.)

reading her blog made me realize what is it that makes me judge blogs, I mean, what is the rule I use to tell if I like a blog and add it to my blog roll or not. It's all about the images! When I see blogs with nice pics, well shooted outfit post and nice girls in front of the camera then I say.. Nice blog!
the thing is... Am I following my own rules, do I like my pics?, do I take nice pics of me?, and well I really don't think so.. so If you have a tip to take nice pics for blogs, would you let me know?

bref, c'est mon tenue du jour!

dress - forever 21
sandals - walmart
purse and belt - vintage


laralena said...

I love that dress, it's so free :)

elvy v said...

perfect for hot days!