This is a non-smoking blog....

Mmm.. so this new law had been approved in my country: "every public space must become a non-smoking space". It's freaking me out!

As you may have noticed, I do smoke and even though I do agree with this law, I still find it ridiculous. I mean, I agree that it's unfair for non-smokers tolet people to smoke in public spaces such as restaurant, schools, government's bureaus, offices.. etc.. but not to smoke in clubs?? Like OMFG?!
why do people go there in the first place then? just to have fun, get drunk and take a fag!
I was in a pub the other day with my friends and I couldn't stand not smoking... actually I was reading an article in a local mag, that showed how all this big thing about tabacco hasn't really much to do with cancer than with the fact that the tabacco industry is not so economic remunerant anymore.

But anyways... I was collecting this pics after all this for the blog, cause I just think smoking pics are chic.

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