We will all float on....

Shoes are becoming a little crazy these times, and just when you thought anything couldn't go crazier they just come out with no-heel shoes, just imagine! and I love them a lot.

This is what a designer job is all about, to take something (call it a cloth, shoe, accessory... furniture?...) that we are very use to it and that is shown to us in a very standardized way and then turn it into a magnificent yet functional piece of art. That is what this shoes represent, the redefinition and redesign of one of the elementary peaces of our everyday outfits.

Of course we first have to give credit to United nude for the so-weird semi-hidden heel

Then Marc Jacobs came with the crazy idea of normal heels in the wrong position, just as if a kid had solved a shoe-puzzle in kinder garden fashion classes.

Gareth Pugh made us stare in shock with his Wizard of Oz (meets Boy George for makeup...) collection that reminds me a LOT to my Spinning shoes, I wonder if they are gym wearable....

But Berardi just got rid off the heel at all and propose these shoes at his 08S collection.

Recently Posh spice got spotted wearing the PVC Berardi boots at her fragrance launch at Macy's

And If we're gonna talk about the most weird shoes ever, what do you think about this!:

Reminds me of those Chinese torture shoes.

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