Kill the Swedish!!

So you all women of the world.. raise your hand against the Swedish fashionistaaaas!

How come they always look so good?? Is there a secret between Nordic women that only they know and that girls in America are not aware of?

I guess it has to be with he fact that up there is winter like 3/4 of the year and girls can always wear long scarfs, knee high socks & tights and jackets. I love how they look very feminine and sometimes kind of layback. Their style is relaxed and vintage-like.

In European countries the culture of buyinh thrift clothes is kind of generalized while here in America isn't very common. I wish it was...

I hate when people in America wear Ae, Holliester, A&F all the time as if they were the ultimate fashion trend! Unfortunately where I live people do think this brands make you cooler... I mean.. they're buying a $34.55 (minus 20% of back to school discount) polo.. is not as if they're buying a €1,799 Chanel blouse. Stop being so stuck up for nothing you border-obnoxious-people!

But.. returning with the Swedish... I'm in love with the Copenhagen fashion style, kind of vintage, nerdy, classic but somehow modern. Dark, earthy colors and winter accessories. Wearing oxfords most of the time when in this part of the world most people tend to wear sneakers... but the way.. I make an international calling... STOP WEARING THEM! they're so informal!

And how do they have such a good time like everyday? I read a few swedish blogs.. (As an irrelevant fact let me tell you that I've learned that Nasta Sida means next page :P)...I got lost... oh yea.. so I read a few blogs and this people are hanging out with friends or throwing party every night! Oh... and they're always taking cool random pics... and traveling all around Europe.. and .. and.. doing anything cool...

So DON'T THINK I'M JEALOUS OR SOMETHING! no no.. that's not how it works.. well.. yeah, maybe a little bit. I always say that when I grow up.. I'm so moving to Sweden, and this I totally mean!

But if you're feeling me.. and you also wish America were a little more Scandinavian.. go ahead.. kill a Swedish..

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pics cred: Sweden.lookbook.nu/


Donkey said...

I <3 their music, too.

elvy v said...

oh yes... another reason to kill them!