"Talita Kumi"

night out with the giiirlz!
I found a pretty vintage shop here in Mexicali witch is in fact a miracle! I meet the owner, sweet girl, but unfortunately, I think the prices where kind of expensive for just 2nd hand thrifts. Anyhow, I'll come back for a few things when I get the money. ... Oh, and the psycho plastic babies stroke back! we had a little fuzzy one tonight.

I bought this gray purse, it matches my suede gray boots. $7.5, I think it was expensive comparing it to the regular prices I normally shop.

And as classes were dismissed earlier, Ale and I hang out at a new and almost empty mall.

f21 dress and tights
suede boots
Vintage blazer


Donkey said...

That vintage blazer looks great! And I'm sure you got it at a steal, too. :-)

elvy v said...

oh.. even better.. it was my mom's