Holiday gift guide: the cheap way.

So... everyone is writing gift guides and I thought, Hey,why not me?
But, I'm only a starving to death-student (as we call student in Mexico) with a low, irregular income and living in a mexican border with godforsaken small town,California. Don't expect to read a fabulous gift guide including Salvatore Ferragamo shoes or Dior Homme ties.

No, we're keeping it the cheap way. I'm gonna make an online review of items you can buy for relatives and friends sticking to a small budget, let's say, 100 dlls or less. Looking for gifts under $20 because you know.. I'm cheap like that.

This one is specially made for my sister, a 16 scene-twilight fan teen. And BTW she approved! she wants the checked hoodie.

1: Twilight paperback $10.99; 2: Shades, assorted styles $5-11; 3: Kokeshi pouch $15; 4: coin purse necklace $16; 5:Girgerbread house $4.99; 6: Cassete tote $12; 7: Patent Croc Case $9.80; 8: chained clutch $9.35; 9: Checked hoodie $10; 10:Lavander studded belt $11.98;

for the girls (GF, sisters, friends, cousins, etc...)
1: matrioshka coin purses $14; 2: Cinderella locket $15.50; 3: beaded coin purse $14; 4: mini messenger bag $12.99; 5: kokeshi brooch $10.50; 6: waist belts $7; 7: Black clutch $8.99; 8: bow Halter dress $9.99; 9: Freshwater pearl bracelet $12; 10: pocket mirror $7.80; 11: Myfavoritemirror pocket mirror $5; 12: Creative Kokeshis $12-15; 13: Necklaces, assorted styles $5.10; 14: angled ring $10;15: Shades, assorted styles, $12 & $5; 16: Hello kitty candy stars $8; 17: feather earrings $4; 18: chained bracelet $4;

for the boys (BF, brothers, cousins, friends etc...)
1: studded belt $11.98; 2: white skate sneakers $19.98; 3: Hurley cap $13.25; 4: black strap sneakers $17.98; 5: Blue cardigan $19.75; 6: graphic t-shirts, assorted styles $9.98; 7: 100 words to make you sound smart $5.95; 8: mini amp $25; 9: Trucker cap, assorted styles $9.98; 10: plaid scarf $18; 11: Guitar hero buckler amp $19.98; 12: Cd-vinyl kit $16.95; 13: DIY books $22-25;


Anonymous said...

Great idea! The items you've chosen here are so cute and perfect...they've definitely given me some good ideas :)
BTW, I linked you on my blog :)
xxx, Halie

Unknown said...

Love your ideas!

Anonymous said...

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just dropping by to say hi

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