d[x]i Magazine ///

I just got my first edition of d[x]i Magazine and I'm excited. I went to my computer and saw this weird newspaper on my keyboard with a picture of a boy carrying the head of a death sheep and I was like holy crap, what's this?.

And then I noticed that it was the 32th edition of this Spanish design magazine. it has some great articles about artists, exposition, articles about photography, typography, industrial design, interviews etc...

it's a very good tool for designers, specially an article about "the Designers of the Valencian community association" that talks about the importance of the quality of design and how designers should value their work.

The magazine is a quarterly publication and it's 100% experimental, it was founded in 2000 in Valencia, Spain and it's enriched by he contributions of designer from all around the world.

some articles are in English and do you wanna know something else?? it's FREE!!
You just need to subscribe through their website and they will send it to you for free.

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