Help them e-MANcipate...

So yeah!.. when you thought man couldn't be more weird they just come with pantyhose... PANTYHOSE FOR MEN!!! What's next? sexy silk lingerie? pump-up bras? acrylic nails? Square skirts? oh wait, Marc Jacobs already did that.

Anyway.. they're trying to take over the female cloths department!!!

I personally have no problem with man in fashion. I wouldn't mind seeing a guy wearing a purse, or maybe nice accessories like necklaces or whatever, just like a nice detail but launching an entire site to "accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item"? It is beyond ridiculousness.

obviously it was made by someone who wanted to wear them and didn't have the guts to do it alone. If you wanna wear something weird, try to be original and stand out for being you, don't start an entire revolution.

I mean, they even had to write a guide to show man how to put tights and hoses without destroying them. that's hilarious.

I would like to see them going to pee with them, what a mess!

what do you think?


the cherry blog said...

it's just so...well....wrong! This aint Robin Hood territory anymore!! xx

elvy v said...

ok the robin hood thing was funny haha!