Instantaneous happiness!

Fear not, dear photographers, Polaroid is saved.

"If all goes to plan, the Polaroid factory in Enschede, Amsterdam, will soon be making film again thanks to its new owner, an eccentric Austrian artist and businessman named Florian Kaps. Mr Kaps, 39, has dedicated the past five years to instant photography. He set up Polanoid.net, the biggest Polaroid gallery on the web, and the first ever Polaroid-only art gallery in Vienna, called Polanoir."

info source: The Independent

pics source: Polanoid.net

And you, Polaroid lovers, download this application that turns any image into a polaroid. it's great and free.

I'm so happy about this!!

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The Cherry Blog said...

Oh my I love Polaroid - and now obsessed with poladroid! great psot! xx