Then the door opened, and there she stood, dressed in the most extraordinary of costumes.

She was wearing a short yellow dress that was a bit tattered and torn, but hadn’t lost any of its lemony vibrancy. Under that was a dove-grey petticoat made of netting that matched her thin dove-grey flats.

On her head was a tiny yellow satin cap where a real daisy poked through the top and stood upright, a floral antenna. There were more daisies threaded through her hair, attached to yellow ribbons that flowed long past the length of her locks.

The same kind of yellow ribbon was wound intricately up her arms, and snaked around her ankles and calves as well. Completing the picture was a small set of fairy wings, glued to her shoulder blades.

Her face was devoid of makeup, save for some large gold false eyelashes she wore, and whose size made her eyes look inhumanly large on her small, sculpted face.

The entire picture was an odd mix of being both sensual and childlike. For while the dress was very low-cut, she had no chest to fill it out, making it look like she had stumbled into her mother’s closet and began playing dress-up. And while the ribbons tied around her arms and legs were vaguely bondage-like, if you looked at them in a different way you would see a forlorn little butterfly, tangled in the shimmering ropes of a spider’s web.

The effect was one of an almost grotesque attempt at irony, in that here was a girl making fun of the juxtaposition of this innocence and this womanliness, while she herself was being played a trick on. For she was the exact contradiction she was looking to portray.

Small excerpt from "The minx's" novel.
this text inspired me so much.


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