Time for some feedback guys!

Looking back to the past, I'm realizing that I have been writing here for as long as 7 months and wow! for me that's a lot. I'm really not a constant person.

I started doing this to post my designs and works when I first entered to fashion school, but I've been so busy with College that I haven't got the time to design and sketch. (Believe it or not these days I'm on vacations and I've been more busy with school than I did the whole semester!)

But well, I love this blog. It really makes me happy and it's one of my favorite past times. I always make a little time for it because it helps me to clear my mind when I'm stress.

I see an evolution here. The blog has been developing on it's own. Firstly I wanted to write reviews and everything fashion related but now I've come to realize that all that "fashion-chic and all hail vogue" thing is getting me sick. I'm mean, I can be pretty shallow sometimes but right now I'm thirsty for inspiration, pretty pics, sweet images, nice & fresh ideas. I need more art in my life and the blog is now more like a collection of inspiration sources.

I wanna know that you think of it. What I really need is you, dear reader, to tell me why do you like this blog, why do you read it? what do you like and what you don't? Do you think I can improve? Any suggestions?

Don't be shy, I wanna know you people, tell me about yourself too: Who you are, what you do, where you live?... It's good to know there are people out there with whom I can share this.


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ellenmarie said...

i've only been following your blog for about a week, but so far i've adored every post i've stumbled across. i really like the variation of your posts. from fashion, to random arts on the streets, to DIY, i love it!
i have found my favorite blogs are by people who are real and aren't too afraid to be themselves and scare off readers. AND ... i'm kind of shallow too, so i love to see PICTURES and be inspired!

as far for me? i'm just some little girl from houston, texas. i love art in all shapes and forms, go to school for graphic design, but am finding i love photography. i'm not sure what my niche is, or even if i want a niche. i like keeping involved in all areas and keeping things interesting :)