...We lived on that mattress

I watched this movie with my dad today. I loved it. My back ached and I wanted to pee the 3 hours the movie lasted but I enjoyed it very much.

I've read the movie does not really stick to the book but still I think it's lovely. I liked the love story.. for some reason I love those stories where the couple are together and leave to find themselves again. I guess I feel related to that.

The make up and aging effects are amazing. I can say Cate Blanchett looked prettier than when she was 20!.. and what can I say, I love read heads. BTW Elle Fanning is definitely someone to watch out for, she's prettier than Dakota I think.

I liked the plot and the "Don't worry. People die, time passes; just live your life" message.

some nice pics ...


ellenmarie said...

oh my goshhhh i am dying to see it!

i love those kind of love stories too! eternal sunshine is my favorite :)

elvy v said...

oooh!! mine's too.

it's absolutely lovely!.

The Cherry Blog said...

Im really looking forward to see it! Heard all good things so far! nice pics. x