But I was scared to death of eternity

I'm a proud owner of a Diana+ Dreamer!!! I bought it this weekend ad UO and I'm in love with it.. but unfortunately I can't find the film. u.u

Isn't it pretty?? you can check the Lomograpy page and the flickr group.
I'll show you my pics when I get the film.

I went to Aliso Viejo for the weekend, an Uncle of mine lives there and I had a good all asian-eatting, family tv time. we're so fond of asian food.

I didn't want to spend a lot cause I'm saving for a Canon eos 30D but then we went to Spectrum mall at Irwin and I bought somethings here and there and then the Diana and I said.. what the heck! that's why money is for!.

I took some pics also!

I bought the black coat at f21, it's beautiful, I'll take another pic of it later cause this one is a bit dark and even though I loved the lace dress I noticed it was so easy to sew that I better be making one myself in the coming days.

In Ross I found some pretty girly dresses, I only bought the first one and a brown cardigan.

And now that I'm in the mood let me show you what I've been wearing lately.

cardigan and dress : F21
vintage belt

tunic : F21
vinyl leggings
Combat boots
self made necklaces and wristband

Ale and me went to Starbucks in a break last week (note to self, a venti white chocolate mocha is always the best option.).. I'm making some bracelets with wire, I'll show you later.

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