Super Veloz

SuperTipo Veloz was created by Joan Trochut (1920-1980) and produced in 1942 by Fundición Tipografica Iranzo in Barcelona (Spain). It was a collection of combining figures that featured itself as an extraordinary type modular system.

Versatility of this system allowed printers develope their ideas —create logotypes, letterheads, characters, illustrations— without the normal constraints when working with pieces of lead type, and according their little budgets.

In 2006, the superveloz.net project is finished. It counts on the development of IC Shaper by Flan, that allows users play with SuperVeloz modular system and create illustrations and lettering on-line.

I made these for my Typography class.

you can draw things like these here.

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The Cherry Blog said...

You did these?! They are fantastic!! x