Loving me is like chewing on pearls

Heyy there peoplee!
First of all I wanna thank you all to all those follow me somehow... and specially for those who comment. I fell really happy to know I can share pretty things with you (:

I don't think you could ever forget someone who made you smile

live for the moments that you can't put into words

sometimes, in life you have to
take chances. make mistakes, and
just do things you
know could possibly turn out horrible.
because if you don't you never
know what could have happened.

nothing is gonna be around forever
so live it up; drink it down; laugh it off;
& avoid all the stupid drama.
take chances & don't have regrets
cause at one point, you wanted it. <3.

Isn`t if funny how day-by-day
nothing changes, but then when
you look back, everything is different

You're only young once, so be bad, break the rules,
get caught… & make it count.

credits: lolita.se, notebookdoodles, Pixie lust, we<3it, flickr ...

I'm spending the weekend in Ensenada, a beautiful port/beach in my state, so.. wish me luck.. have fun... rest and enjoy your weekend


notebookdoodles said...

beautiful beautiful post. and i am glad one of my doodles was included in it. thanks =)


Iole said...

...these pics are so sweet love love love these...

keyskeys said...

loved loved loved the pictures .. i just love photography :)

Wicked Halo said...

Hi hi!

Just wanted to let you know I've handed you a couple of awards because I think your blog is pretty cool!

I hope you like it and drop by me blog to know more about it: http://wickedhalo.blogspot.com/

all the best, and keep up the good work!

Nadine said...

Love the quotes, love the pictures. Favoriting this page!!

Anonymous said...

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