"I wanted to reinvent the mystique," said Karl Lagerfeld...

...And he totally did. Lately I've been enjoying the Chanel resort collections more than the main collection. It seems like the idea of using different cities as an inspiration it's working perfectly. I really admire how designers can involve their designs with a certain atmosphere and create a new dressing reality.

Venice was the scenery and inspiration for this resort collection that was so full of historic references and magnificent as the city itself.

The dresses reflected all the historic highlight of the city such as the Dodge red, the renascence opulence and the baroque lace and I completely felt in love with the oriental/Edwardian dresses and the "Death in Venice" living picture and influences. The final touch was given by the 1920's glamorous make up and hair-do's.

The capes and tricorns fitted perfectly, the catwalk reminded of the famous Venice's carnivals and the sunglasses, transformed into masks gets you ready for a masquerade by the canal.

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Iole said...

Love Venice, love Chanel: perfect combination!