white ink

I'm panning on getting a white ink tattoo of a little bird.. what do you guys think about tattoos?


notebookdoodles said...

personally, i wouldn't have any tattoos done.

but i have never heard of white ink before. it almost looks natural in a way, which is interesting! still.... i wouldn't get a tattoo =) but that's just me.

Wicked Halo said...

I like tattoos, I just don't think I could commit to having one for the rest of my life :) ask me at different times, and I'd get different things done

..that said, I'd never seen these white ink ones, they look rad!

elvy v said...

I thought the same way about tattoos a while ago. it's such a big decision to get one cause it's for the rest of your life, But I really think I would love to have one that reminds me who I was when I was younger.

I think white tattoos are perfect for me cause they look like scars and are almost unoticeable at first sight, the only drawback is that they're more expensive u.u

thanks for commenting girl!

The Cherry Blog said...

i love em!!! like the white one first - of the bird! x

AliCore said...


amo los tatuuajes:D i en cierta manera las mujeres con tatuajes(no muy extravagantes y en cantidades excesiivas..)me atraaen:D y kreo k se veen "BONITOS" n.n :D

si lo haces aviisaame:D .

- lo puedo grabar?? :3

Iole said...

never see something like thos before...it's so delicate!
Love it!

Anonymous said...

A teacher once told me something about tattoos, she wanted to put one when she was young and an older friend told her 'putting a tatto is like writing over a piece of art'. Tattos come from india, they applied henna paste and other cultures comercialized it, or so I read.

Your little bird seems beautiful, give it a good meaning. So instead of writing and ruining, you make it even better.

^^ or so I think, I would like to know if you already have a meaning to it.

elvy v said...

Alan: no se para que motivos enfermos lo quieres grabar jaja.. pero supongo que si :)

Anonymous: I like what you said about writing over a piece of art, but sometimes art could have a little retouch without ruinning the beautiful of it, and yes it has a meanning to me, birds represent freedom and a graceful spirit and in this momment I'm young and starting my journey in life and it's like I'm beginning to raise my wings and findind what I want in life. I plan to get another one of a cage in the other arm in time, when I finally fulfil my dreams and spectations representing that I (or the little bird) have finally found my place in life.