Close you eyes and make believe....

This weekend I did some shopping... so yay! it had been a lot since the last time I did some serious shopping, unfortunately I ran out of money before I could buy some accesories. I'm noticing I have a lot of necklaces and even thought I don't usually weat earrings I have a lot too, but what I don't have are bracelets. I might be buying some for now on.

So.. without money.. all I can do is some e-window shopping (which is becoming my favorite hobbie lately :P)

have you checked the new F21 blog? I've been waiting a lot for them to have a blog.. so good they have it now.


GeminiTraceur said...

E-Window shopping is the best... and you don't have to leave the comfort of you home... how great is that?

elvy v said...

it's great indeed.. you find everything in order and it's easier to search for the things you want!