My day so far...

I finally got my car back!
It was in the body shop the past few weeks and now that I finally got it back I noticed how much I missed it, I mean, even if is really not new, it's a mess, the A/C smells as if a dead rat was trap in the duct and one of the windows won't come down it's my baby and I love it!

Today was my first day of classes.. yay! so you now must imagine how bored my life is if I'm the kind of person that gets happy for coming back to school. I wanted to take pics of people wearing something nice or different, but guess what, I was the crazy one wearing a costume out there. Don't care, I really liked my outfit.

Swan glasses - San Diego swap meet
dress - forever 21
bag - target
sport leggings
locket - local swap meet
belt - vintage, my mom

I really don't know what I was thinking, I didn't imagine it was going to be that hot! and that's really stupid considering I live in one of the hottest places on earth, I was cooking myself under those leggings, but I never loosed my composure. By the way, in this pics I'm in the hallway out of my design labs.

This graffiti was made by Design students, it's the moto of the career: "Free to create"

And I just hanged out with friends.

I love Gilda and her rockstar style. I'll tell you more about her later.

I made Gilda's backpack, I'm very proud of it and I'll take pics of it for you. Here I am during the process

(And sorry for the bad quality images, but JPG isn't my best friend)


Laura! said...

Nuestro primer día de clases.. Todas emocionadas...

Me robare la foto donde salgo, donde salgo menos peor y la pondre en el myspeace.. si no te molesta u.u

elvy v said...

no.. no prob.
que mal que salieron tan borroras despues de que las edite u.u
seguire tomando mas!